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36 years of perseverance

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Author : Stanley
Update time : 2023-03-29 17:25:44
36 years of perseverance
On May 18, Xu Guizhen was concentrating on her work as usual. There was a sudden clamor at the door, and when she looked around, she saw Jiang Jiong, the president of Jinling Gold Foil Company, approaching her with a customized birthday cake and flowers. Amidst everyone's congratulations, Xu Guizhen excitedly accepted the flowers and could not help but smile brightly.

It turns out that this is the 60th birthday of foil cutter Xu Guizhen and the 10th year of her retirement and reemployment. She joined the factory in '86 and has been working at Jinling Gold Foil for thirty-six years. Thirty-six years is a long time in life, and for Xu Guizhen, who has been dedicated to her craft, it is invaluable... ...
When we first met Xu Guizhen, she was dressed in white work clothes, with short black hair, bright eyes and a shy smile, making it difficult for us to associate the woman in front of us with being "nearing her prime". During the interview, Xu spoke plainly, but with a strong voice, telling us about her 36 years of gold leaf life, which spans her youth and passionate years.

He picked up a bamboo knife at the age of 23 and never put it down again
"I came to the gold leaf factory to learn a craft," recalls a somewhat nervous Xu Guizhen, who gradually opens up when recalling those years. At that time, the family was in a difficult situation and Master Xu thought of learning a trade to make a living to ease the burden of the family. The gold leaf factory had already begun to make a name for itself in Jiangning, and it would be a great honor for anyone to enter the factory.
In May 1986, with the support and encouragement of his parents, Master Xu came to the gold leaf factory and picked up a bamboo knife as an apprentice foil cutter, without thinking that he would never put it down again.

Practicing the art of foil cutting, and falling in love with gold foil ever since
As the last hurdle in the art of gold leaf forging, the seemingly light and simple cutting of gold leaf is a technical task. "The gold foil is so thin that the wind from people walking by, or even the wind from talking, can blow the gold foil apart. Therefore, gold foil cannot be held by hand, but only blown with the mouth. Three candles are discharged side by side, blowing out the middle one, and the flames on both sides must not move at all to be considered a good job before the foil-cutting post is ready. "Master Xu said.
In order to practice this technical work, Master Xu often forgot to sleep and eat to learn the skill of cutting foil, sitting for more than ten hours. In those days, there was no air conditioning, so it was common to sit until the legs and feet went numb in winter and sweat in summer. As he practiced day after day, he finally mastered the foil blowing technique and became a skilled foil cutter. My affection for gold foil became deeper and deeper as the bamboo knife fell and fell, making it difficult to let go.

Fearlessly shine in ordinary jobs  
Cutting foil is a very boring job that requires patience and loneliness. But for Master Xu, doing what he loves is definitely not a hard thing to bear. "For me, cutting foil is not boring, but a very enjoyable process, not only because of the beauty of the gold foil flipping, but also because that process will make people feel that time will slow down and the heart will follow to be quiet."
With her love for this craft, Master Xu continued to practice and study, quietly doing the "Craftsman's Perseverance", and her foil cutting skills became more and more proficient, which was recognized by the company's leaders and colleagues. In 2020, Master Xu was honored by the company again and won the "2020 Advanced Employee". But she was not satisfied with this and wanted to continue to shine in her job. At the age of retirement, she chose to return to work and has been doing so for nearly 10 years.

The years are flying by, born in 63 years, Master Xu has reached the age of the elderly, is about to leave the job she has held for a lifetime, the heart is also a lot of reluctance. When asked what she wants to do after retirement, her eyes are full of light, "What I want to do most is to dance with the old people in the community, or about friends together to climb mountains, run, and enjoy the scenery of the world."
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